Ben S. Greenberg, DDS

Root Canal Therapy

Q. What is root canal?
A. Root canal is the removal of the nerve and blood supply of the tooth. Usually it it performed because the nerve has abscessed due to decay. The purpose of a root canal is to remove what is causing the pain and preserve the root of the tooth to "save the tooth".

Q. Is any treatment necessary after a root canal is performed?
A. Usually a crown is needed to preserve the existing tooth because a root canal tooth becomes brittle. Sometimes a simple filling is all that is required.

Q. Is is possible to have root canal and lose the tooth anyway?
A. Root canals are 90% successful. Root canal teeth that do not have a proper restoration have the greatest chance of failure and loss.

Q. Isn't root canal painful?
A. Regardless of all the jokes about root canal, with modern techniques, careful and exacting skill, pain is minimal to zero in 95% of the cases.